828 AIC专题论坛:智慧城市-未来交通的新趋势


智慧型交通正迅速成为智慧城市发展的核心议题。在未来的20年里, 全球大约有超过30亿人口将搬到城市。

如何有效地将这些人口移入城市, 而不造成交通问题上的无法承受的困扰或也不加重污染程度,这些议题对城市规划者和私人企业而言,是核心政策也是技术上的挑战。台湾和美国在发展新型智慧交通技术上居领导地位,具有爆炸性增长的潜力。在本次论坛,我们将共同探讨未来交通的新趋势和机会。

活动时间:2018.08.28(二) 10:00-12:30(09:30-10:00报到)
课程地点:松山文创园区 台北文创大楼6F 多功能厅D厅(台北市信义区菸厂路88号6楼)


10:00-10:05 贵宾致词 AIT处长 郦英杰
10:05-10:10 贵宾致词 台北市长 柯文哲
10:10-10:15 贵宾致词 经济部长 沈荣津
10:20-10:25 贵宾合影
10:25-10:50 专家分享 UBER首席运营长 Barney Harford
10:50-12:00 专家对谈:未来交通的新趋势

主持人:美国在台协会商务组组长 Helen Peterson
与谈人:经济部工业局电子资讯组组长林俊秀、台北市政府资讯局局长李维斌、国立台湾大学资讯管理系教授曹承础、UBER北亚区公共政策总监Emilie Potvin


828 AIC专题论坛:智慧城市-未来交通的新趋势

讲师介绍:Barney Harford / Uber COO

Barney Harford is Uber’s Chief Operating Officer, responsible for global ridesharing strategy, operations, marketing and customer support. He is also responsible for the company’s food-delivery business, Uber Eats.

Barney previously served as CEO and board director of Orbitz Worldwide from 2009 to 2015. Orbitz Worldwide was acquired by Expedia for $1.6B in 2015. During Barney’s tenure, the company launched the Orbitz Rewards loyalty program and built the Orbitz Partner Network into a leading provider of private label travel solutions to airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and banks. Prior to Orbitz Worldwide, Barney served in a variety of roles at Expedia, Inc. from 1999 to 2006 including as President of Expedia Asia Pacific from 2004 to 2006. Prior to Expedia, Barney was a strategy consultant with The Kalchas Group.

Barney currently serves as a board director of United Airlines and RealSelf.

Barney grew up in the United Kingdom. He received an undergraduate degree in natural sciences from Cambridge University and an MBA from INSEAD.